Kingdom Impact: Baht


BAHT (2008)

Baht was first shown in 2008 at CIY’s high school conference, MOVE – which sees approximately 35,000 students attending every year. Since its release, the film has helped to raise more than $13 million dollars for partner Rapha House – which has facilities in Cambodia, Thailand and Haiti. More than 300 women have been rescued from human trafficking and provided new and safe homes through Rapha House. The women are given an education, taught a professional trade, and presented with the Gospel message. According to Stephanie Freed, Rapha House director, giving income in the year following the release of Baht more than doubled from the previous year, which she directly attributes to WRKR’s efforts.

To this day, Rapha House is still hearing from the students who attended conferences in 2008 and 2009, who were so impacted by this film that they went on to careers in social work, counseling, mission work, law enforcement, and legal advocacy in order to combat for human trafficking survivors!
— Stephanie Freed – Co-Founder/Executive Director – Rapha House

Kingdom Impact: Zambia's Song

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Zambia’s song (2010)

Zambia’s Song was released in 2010 and challenged young people to take action in their personal lives to provide clean water for the people of Zambia. As a result of fundraising efforts, 27 new wells were dug, and 200 bio sand filters were installed in homes. As a result, over 7,600 people in Mackenzie area which was featured in the film, now have access to clean water. Hygiene and sanitation trainings, as well as pump repairs were also enabled by fundraising efforts.

Zambia’s Song greatly impacted Mackenzie and the surrounding communities and bestowed hope in them!
— Gladys Chipalabela – Educational Program Development Manager – Seeds of Hope

Kingdom Impact: Love Costs Everything

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Love costs everything (2011)

WRKR produced Love Costs Everything in 2011, bringing the story of the persecuted church to a new generation in the form of a feature-length documentary. The film weaves together multiple stories from all over the world – including Baghdad, Iraq; Bogota, Colombia; central India; Paris, France; and Los Angeles, California. Facing the reality that persecution is a reality for millions of Christians around the globe, young people were challenged to raise money to send pastors out into hostile and remote parts of central India through Central India Christian Mission. Over 40 pastors were sent out, sharing the Gospel with nearly 120,000 people, and over 10,000 accepting Christ. In addition to this, funds were used to provide relief for the persecuted families; repairing homes, providing food and clothes, and helping widows of pastors who were killed.

Love Costs Everything shows so accurately the heart and passion that Indian believers have in their relentless pursuit of Jesus. God has used the film to propel the mission of CICM forward by taking the gospel to even more unreached people in central India. Thank you!
— Dr. Ajai Lall - Director - Central India Christian Mission

Kingdom Impact: Aullido

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Aullido (2015)

Child sexual assault is an extremely sensitive issue, and in 2015, WRKR produced Aullido in partnership with International Justice Mission. The short-film is based on a true story of Vicente, a teenager in Guatemala City, who experienced the horrors of sexual abuse first hand and the subsequent landmark legal victory that brought his perpetrator to justice. This award-winning short film is now being considered by the Guatemalan government to become an official resource of the Ministry of Education. If selected, the film will be available to more than 16,000 teachers for use in their classrooms as a tool to help students speak out against child sexual assault.

Aullido continues to prove itself an invaluable and powerful tool, impacting and challenging government, education, and church communities as we continue to strive towards protecting vulnerable children from the horrors of sexual violence. Thank you WRKR!
— Brad Twedt – Field Office Director, IJM Guatemala

Kingdom Impact: Unseen

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Unseen (2017)

Unseen is an award-winning short film that was created in 2017 to open the door to hopeful conversations regarding mental health. Mental health and suicide can be challenging topics to talk about, especially with young people. According to the CDC, around 1 in 3 high school students (31.5%) say they’ve experienced persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness. Shown to 35,000 students at CIY’s MOVE conference, youth ministers reported that over 50% of those who watched the film followed with a positive conversation regarding mental health and suicide. The film and its resources are available for free and currently being promoted in the U.S. at

God used Unseen as a way to reach parts of me that were hidden and broken...But He brought beauty from it all.
— Hailey K. – High school senior from Ohio who had struggled with suicide in the months prior to watching the film